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Join us on January 12, 2013 and see the progress we're making on our "Verses" project

With the help of volunteers and with support of a small grant from the Human Development Fund of Northaven United Methodist Church, we're slowly but surely working toward completion of a site to host our work categorizing Bible verses on justice, linked to video, audio, and written resources providing context to these verses. There is much work to be done and with a little help we think we can get the site up and running in the next six months. If you have a few hours to spare, you can be a part of helping us reach this six-month goal.

Join us at our regular meeting in January, starting at 2:00pm and ending no later than 3:30pm at Northaven United Methodist Church, 11211 Preston at Northaven.


The Dallas Area Christian Progressive Alliance response to Governor Rick Perry's "Response" Rally


Dear Governor Perry,


You have called for August 6 to be a day of gathering "in humility and repentance." The Dallas Area Christian Progressive Alliance joins this call for repentance, a word which means to "go a new way." We call for repentance when we consider the condition of our state, the mandate from God to love our neighbors, and the vision of the future that is the answer to our prayers.  Read more

December 2011 Newsletter Reflection from Eric Folkerth: A Spiritual Reflection on "Occupy Wall Street"

"Recently, I chose to join more than five hundred people who gathered in Dallas for "Occupy Dallas." Read more


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